Our Programs

New Start Medical has three programs that a patient can select from. The selected program will then be tailored to the individual health and/or weight loss goals of each patient. Your care will be overseen and managed by a Bariatrician (a Board Certified physician who specializes in obesity medicine).

About the Obesity Medicine Specialist

Dr. Diana Pallin is board certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine and is a member of the Obesity Medicine Association. She has been practicing Obesity Medicine since 2013.

"My interest in treating obesity started early on in medical school as many of my close family members were struggling to control their weight. Unfortunately, medical school and my residency program did not offer much in the way of nutrition and lifestyle medicine training. After completing my residency in Internal Medicine, I pursued further training in Obesity Medicine and incorporated the four pillars of medical weight management into my practice to help my patients lose and maintain a healthy weight. The four pillars of medical weight management include nutrition and exercise counseling, behavior modification, and prescribing FDA-approved anti-obesity medication.

Becoming an obesity medicine specialist allows me to help my patients lose weight, live healthier lives, and reduce the amount of prescription medication they take."