New Start Weight Loss Program

Our New Start Weight Loss Program is designed to help patients lose weight quickly and safely. It provides a comprehensive plan in an encouraging environment that will assist you in achieving a healthier weight. This program includes:

  • A full physical exam by a Bariatrician
  • A comprehensive medical history review and evaluation of obesity associated comorbidities
  • Laboratory testing, EKG and body composition analyses before starting and during the program 
  • Meal replacement products if desired - New Start Medical uses meal replacement products from a highly rated, industry leading provider of products designed to help patients lose weight
  • FDA approved appetite suppressants and other prescription medicine proven to aid in weight loss when indicated
  • Vitamins and other supplements
  • Personalized nutrition plans
  • Behavioral counseling to help each patient reach and maintain a healthy weight
  • Management of medical comorbidities associated with obesity such as: diabetes mellitus, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, sleep apnea, chronic pain and fatigue and other conditions